18. CBD for Leaky Gut & the Brain

CBD for Leaky Gut and CBD for Brain.  Hello and welcome to the show. Today’s guest is Dr. Tom O’Bryan. He’s the author of the book  You Can Fix Your Brain. He’s also the proprietor of thedr.com and he’s recognized as one of the world experts on gluten.  An amazing conversation. We have lots of insight for those of you who are interested in anything to do with wheat intolerance or gut health leaky gut and so forth in amazingly informative session with Dr. Tom O’Bryan.  we go almost for a full hour so lots of info here. I hope you enjoy the show.

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Hi, Dr. O’Bryan, welcome to the show. Well, thank you so much.

It’s a pleasure to be with you. Well, I’m so excited to talk to you.

Thank you today for spending time with us. It’s our objective here is to try to help spread awareness and understanding and education around the role of cannabis and CBD as it pertains to health. So your expertise and gluten and many other things. I looked at in terms of your background and some of the things To say about air pollution and Alzheimer’s and you know plants that can take some of that stuff out of the air. I mean, there’s lots of things I want to talk about with you. So thank you so much for being here. And why don’t we why don’t we just start by give us a little bit about yourself. Tell us who you are and how you got into this space. 

Well, I guess the most relevant things of our that I’ve been on the faculty of the institute for functional medicine for the last ten years or so and for those that don’t know functional medicine is an approach to health care where we trained Physicians on identifying the mechanisms behind why people have what they have that we’re all trained that if you have this symptom you give this recommendation right to do to deal with the symptom and so many people now are talking about well, we look at the root cause you know, We look at where it’s coming from. But many times holistic practitioners are looking at what safer recommendations. Can I give for the symptoms opposed to the Pharmaceuticals that may have side effects and so racist deeper approach to deal with that symptom and functional medicine is we of course are going to focus on helping you feel better as quickly as possible. But where are these symptoms coming from? Your you know, your your high cholesterol is not a symptom of your liver making too much cholesterol. And that’s where cholesterol comes from is the liver but it’s and the drugs shut down the livers ability to make cholesterol.

That’s how the drugs work is to shut down. But the question is why is your liver making so much cholesterol and what people don’t know is that the LDL cholesterol the one we call the bad cholesterol is actually Leanne antibacterial and LDL binds with something something called LPS, which is the exhaust of bad bacteria. It binds it up and escorts it out of the body. So if you’ve got a lot of LPS, then you may have high cholesterol because your cholesterol is grabbing this stuff to try to get it out and when you can’t get the LPS out and it accumulates in your body and accumulates in your spleen and your lymph node. nodes and in your brain and the end stage of too much LPS accumulation is sepsis and sepsis kills 1.7 million people a year get sepsis in the US and it kills 250,000 people a year and it’s just the account the end stage of a whole lot of crap that’s been accumulating in your body for 30 years and you know, so you don’t deal with high cholesterol by Can your drug to get your cholesterol down that’s that’s a concept behind functional medicine. And what we do is really explore. Why is your body doing what it does 

so is your research because you’re you know, one of the most renowned experts on gluten and a glutton diet and the problems with that is your assumption or hypotheses or maybe even proof that what we’re eating and specifically gluten causes then that reaction in the liver that That causes this whole problem that you’re talking about. 

Oh, that’s a really interesting question. We have the same body as our ancestors thousands of years ago thousands of years ago the same kidneys the same gallbladder the same brain. We use our brains more and we’ve developed Comforts like housing and warmth in the winter and all and food and all of that which is really interesting for this interview because of the topics, CBD and all that and we’ll get to that and our ancestors their main emphasis was on food and housing, you know, they’re always trying to find enough food. So they’re foraging for food and they find something first thing they do they snip it second thing. They do a little taste and if it seems okay, they eat it if there was really bad bacteria in that food. That they found but not enough to smell bad or that would stimulate the taste buds. it’s the hydrochloric acid in our stomach that supposed to kill that hydrochloric acid kills anything but it can sit your stomach all day long.

That’s the beauty of the human body, you know, but this acid will eat through wood. I mean and it consists in our stomach supposed to be able to sit in her stomach all day. But if any of this bad bacteria in this example in for our ancestors got past the acid and out of the stomach into the small intestine. We have centuries standing guard just inside the first part of the small intestine and they’re called toll-like receptors and its toll like receptor for and I’m sorry to be geeking I’ll go this is perfect. But toll-like receptor 4 is 2i. Identify bacteria bad bacteria, not the good bacteria, but threatening microorganisms that can hurt you and it to like receptor for identifies a bad bacteria coming out of the stomach. It does two things immediately. First thing is does is sends a message that says we need help here and that message activates the production of a protein called sanyal in and zanya Lynn is the mechanism that Is what’s called intestinal permeability slang term leaky gut. So the toll like receptor sends a message. We need some help here and what zanya land does is it opens up the cells little space between the cells and you leaked from the lymphatics and the bloodstream into the gut a bunch of water. Why because you’re going to flush out whatever this threat is that just came in and you get a little loose. Vowels or diarrhea? And that was that’s the concept behind what leaky gut is is that it’s your body’s way of protecting itself activated by toll-like receptor 4 because there’s a bad bacteria here that got in so wash the thing out, you know, it’s like mud dries on your driveway. You got to take a powerful garden hose to wash that stuff off. Right so leaky gut is not a bad thing.

It’s actually bringing water into the intestine. Washout a threat. That’s the first thing the toll-like receptor does just a second thing. It does is it sends a message to the surrounding area saying I need some help here and here come what are called the inflammatory cytokines to attack and kill whatever this thing is. So you create inflammation in the gut when there’s a bad bacteria coming in. That’s the job of toll-like receptor 4 since they’re all day every day doesn’t. Do a thing just standing guard like the whatever those guards are in England, you know, whoever they are right and step all day that’s toll-like receptor 4 now what we know no doubt Professor Maureen Leonard famous gastroenterologist at Harvard in 2017. She read 64 different research papers on this topic, and she It Beyond question. Wheat coming out of the stomach into the small intestine activate toll-like receptor 4 causing transient intestinal permeability in all humans who eat wheat? Well all humans every time you just don’t feel it, right you don’t feel it. But that’s what’s going on. I don’t have diarrhea every day. Well you did when you were a kid and now your body’s compensated in other ways because that didn’t work. And so there’s other mechanisms back up mechanisms that occur. So there’s a question about gluten and is gluten a problem. It’s really not just the proteins in wheat called glutens, but there are other components and we’d also so it’s week that causes the problem.

So basically all of us have have an allergy Al allergic reaction to this. It’s just that some of us don’t only it only presents itself as being serious and some of us. Well, that’s it Interesting. Your your words are allergic reaction, which means that the immune system is involved. Now, there is something called oral tolerance and oral tolerance means that you can have a little this in a you know, the immune system lets it slide righto like receptor for doesn’t let anything slide but it causes transient intestinal permeability meaning it’s not permanent leaky gut so Mrs. Patient you have an entire new body every seven years every cell in your body regenerates every single cell. Some cells really quick like the inside of your guts every few days. Some cells are really slow like bone cells brain cells, but every cell except your teeth every other cell regenerates. So what happens you have a little wheat toll-like receptor 4 gets activated sends a message to the guts. Says wash this out you get Sonya and proteins made opens up the cells you get transient intestinal permeability, but it heals it closes up. The problem is our ancestors our ancient ancestors. How often did they wait? I mean, you’ve got to find these seeds good and you know, you chew them a little bit or you might grind it up. I mean, it’s a heck of a lot of work to get to be rare to find it until you were farming, right?

Exactly. Exactly. 

So this is before agriculture. This is like 10,000 years and older and so it wasn’t a big deal. So you tear the lining of the gut a little bit But it heals no problem. So that’s called oral tolerance. Now what’s happened is toast for breakfast sandwich for lunch pasta for dinner croutons on your salad day after week after month after year you lose oral tolerance. When you lose oral tolerance, the leaky gut is not transient anymore. Now, it’s permanent and we know that the leaky gut is number four in the five. Pillars of the development of all disease all inflammatory diseases there are five pillars and maybe we’ll get to that but number four is the leaky gut, but that is the pathological leaky gut, not the transient leaky gut.

So when you cross that line of Tolerance and your immune system says no more now you start making antibodies to wheat and when you make the antibodies to eat now, you’re getting an immune response now, that’s what we call the allergic reaction that occurs. You may not feel it in your gut. It may manifest as brain dysfunction or psoriasis or rheumatoid arthritis or Lee acne or any cell of the body May manifest. It just depends on where your genetic vulnerability is, but when you’re causing this excess inflammation all the time and your immune systems trying to protect you You’ve crossed that line of Tolerance your immune system is trying to protect you. Now. You’ve got these antibodies to wheat in your bloodstream and because of a couple of different mechanisms those antibodies looking everywhere for wheat in your bloodstream, you know your bloodstreams just a highway means lots of traffic on the highway. They’re all going the same direction but there’s no Lanes. There’s no organization. Everything’s bouncing around like bumper cars in there, right but these antibodies are looking for wheat. Two player their chemical bullet to destroy it the way it’s nonstop wheat basically for most people yeah, exactly. And the way these antibodies are trained.

They just go after week their special forces. And so they’re highly trained and how they know who to attack is they’re looking for a protein signature and I call it orange vest. They’re looking for orange vests of all the stuff that’s in the blood stream. They’re looking for orange vests and the orange vests are a protein signature and I’ll say ABCD. It’s the protein signature. I’m making that up but they’re looking for a specific protein signature. Now as the Bloods going past your thigh, right as an example all the tissue that faces into the bloodstream is made up of proteins and fats and these proteins are hundreds of amino acids long, but some of them include a ABCD orange vests. So the antibodies that are looking for wheat in the bloodstream look over there and they fire their chemical Bullet at your thyroid if that’s your genetic vulnerability or at your brain if that’s your genetic vulnerability and now you’re causing inflammation and damaging thyroid cells or brain cells or skin cells or joint cells, wherever your genetic vulnerability is, and now you start creating antibodies to the tissue that’s been damaged. So now you’ve got thyroid antibodies or myelin antibodies in your brain. Milon’s a Saran wrap around your nerves when that gets destroyed you got Ms. And that’s the mechanism of Ms. But all of this stuff occurs because of inflammation because your body is trying to protect you from something the guide in this not supposed to be there. We terms so all you don’t eat wheat right? I’m sorry. 

You don’t eat wheat? Oh gosh. No. I wish I did good. You know, I wish that I’m half Italian, you know when I got up slowly, you know, yeah. I stopped eating well back to my portion control ride. Like I stopped which means I eat just very very small amounts of it these days. I try not to eat it at all and it’s been a it’s very difficult. And the worst thing that I miss. So the thing I miss the most I guess the better way to say it is pizza. Yeah. Well, there’s gluten-free pizzas. I know but it’s just not the same. Unfortunately, you know, you can’t you can’t be a little pregnant and I’ve learned I can’t eat it. It’s it’s not worth it.


Now but by the time you’re feeling symptoms when you’re exposed to wheat, you’re pretty far down the road of deterioration, you know, whether it’s in your nerve muscle connection or in your brain or in your thyroid or in your skin that there’s been a cumulative damage of accruing or quite a few years by the time symptoms develop symptoms aren’t the first sign. They’re The Last Resort, right? Then that’s when the body that’s why so many people Later in life or developing these autoimmune issues, right which is what exactly right see the development of autoimmune diseases chronic inflammatory diseases has five pillars, there’s five mechanisms and we think the man who identified all this he and his team are the guys that identified the leaky gut in 1997 the the proteins that cause that leaky gut that are called Sonia Lon. His name is Professor Alessio Fasano. He’s professor of pediatrics at Harvard Medical School professor of nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health the director of mucosal Immunology Center at Harvard the director of the Celiac Research Center at Harvard and the chief of Pediatric gastroenterology, Mass. General at Harbor. I mean any one of those titles is a lifelong goal, right? This guy’s got so many of them and he’s been studying. This for almost 25 years now, if not more and we think he’ll get The Nobel Prize because this affects hundreds of millions of people and so what are the five pillars? Let’s talk about that.

Yeah. Yeah. The first one is your genetics and you can’t do anything about your genetics. That’s the deck of cards that you were dealt. But we now know the studies used to say 70% but now they’re saying somewhere around eighty one study even said 85% of the diseases. You get are not because you got the gene it’s because the gene got turned up which means it’s called epigenetics what happens around the jeans and that’s where CBD comes in and we’ll come back to that. Okay epigenetics because your jeans aren’t on on off switches there on dimmer switches. And what you want to do is dim down the genes of inflammation whether it’s the Alzheimer’s Gene. Eames or the breast cancer genes. Those are the most famous ones that people have heard of what any of you jeans. You want to dim down the expect the genes that Express this inflammation and you want to turn up the genes for anti-inflammation and the way you do that is by what’s around the gene that affects the dimmer switch handle if you will that’s epigenetic so you can’t do anything about your jeans. I love When people come to me and say I’ve got the gene for Alzheimer’s and my mother died of Alzheimer’s and my grandmother and I say, okay, that’s great. Congratulations. Now, you know how you’re right right.

Now you’re going to learn in the next year because it’s going to take a year to two years to really learn. How do I dim down the expression of that Gene and ramp up the you know, the genes of anti-inflammation for that tissue? How do I turn up the genes for anti-inflammation in my breast if I carry the bracket one gene for breast cancer? So how do I turn down the Bracco one Gene and turn up the genes for non inflammation for anti-inflammation in the breasts are in the soft tissue of the body. It’s going to take you a year to learn all that it’s going to be overwhelming because you’re going to learn so many things turn on the genes for Nation in your brain or in your breasts or in your kidneys so many things that you say what really the plastic blinds on my windows those Plastics out gasps phthalate chemicals that are in the air that I can’t smell but I’m breathing them every day and they activate inflammation in my brain. Yes, really nail polish the phalates and nail polish lead each into my bloodstream within four or five minutes after applying the nail polish and phalates activate inflammatory genes throughout my body. Just Google fell eats and Alzheimer’s yes, really plastic storage containers that I store my leftover food in in the refrigerator and the next day I eat that chicken that chicken now has phalates from the chemicals used to mold the plastic.

Yes. Really my showerhead accumulates bacteria inside the shower head pathogenic bacteria. So every time I take a shower, I get blasted with millions of bacteria like klebsiella or pseudomonas the club CL of the most common bacterial infection and hospitals Club CL and ammonia because it gives you pneumonia. Yes, so I have to learn how to clean my showerhead. 

Yes, and it’s really easy just take a Ziploc bag and you pour 30% vinegar in there not to stuff you buy in the store. You have to buy it on Amazon. It’s really cheap. But you pour vinegar in there and you with the twisty tie you tied over your shower head overnight and you’ve cleaned it you do that every six months and you’re fine, but you’ve got to learn all this stuff because the world we live in today is loaded with so many threats right to to because You only have an immune system. That’s the same as your ancestors that was designed to fight bugs bacteria viruses mold fungus. There are six. Mold fungus bacteria viruses bacteria bug bugs parasites viruses mold fungus and bacteria are you know, that’s all our immune system can do it’s all it can do. Well, what about red? Dye number 42 in My Kool-Aid. Nope, your body is going to treat it like a bug parasite virus mold fungus or bacteria. Well, what about Mercury that’s in the fish that we eat now. Nope, your body is going to treat it like a bug pairs. Like viruses mold fungus or bacteria. That’s all it can do.

And when you learn that we’re exposed to so many tens of thousand exaggerating tens of thousands of chemicals every single day in our lives that we have no protection against I’m sitting in a hotel room right now and the desk that I’m sitting at and the headboard over there on the bed is fake wood is pressboard. Press board is soaked with formaldehyde your kitchen cabinets your kitchen cabinets your bathroom cabinets. If they’re not solid wood there pressboard soaked in formaldehyde which out gases formaldehyde into the air you can’t smell it. But you’re breathing it every day. The plastic blinds on the windows are outgassing pellets into the air the sheets and blankets and comforter on this bed are soaked in flame retardant chemicals. That out gas for years you wash them 50 times and they still out gas a little bit of chemical. Well, I can’t smell anything. Well that doesn’t mean anything because this stuff is a cumulative in your body over the years. I’ll give you one example, then I’ll stop on this chemical thing Chicago 2014. They pump they looked at 346 pregnant women in the eighth month of pregnancy. They did urine tests on them. Em and they measured phalates 5 phalates these chemicals used to mold plastic and they categorize the results into quartiles the lowest quartile the next the third and the highest quartile. That’s all they did. They followed The Offspring of the pregnancy for seven years. And when these kids turn seven years old. They did Wexler IQ tests on them the official IQ test. There’s not much in medicine. That’s all or every this is every every child whose mother was in the highest quartile of phthalates in urine and pregnancy compared to the children in the lowest quartile of phalates and urine and pregnancy every child in the highest quartile.

Their IQs were seven points lower than the kids in the lowest quartile of phthalates in urine and Pregnant 7th. Not it doesn’t mean anything to anybody until you understand a 1-point difference in IQ is noticeable a seven-point difference is a difference between a kid working really hard getting straight A’s and a kid working really hard getting straight sees this kid doesn’t have a chance in hell your kids your grandkids don’t Have a chance in hell if their mother in pregnancy was in the highest court tail quartile of phthalates in her body B, and then just go to Google and type in phalates and neurogenesis nerve growth and here come the studies how phalates inhibit nerve growth. So if Mom accumulated phalates in her body at a high level over the first 25 30 years of her life. And so she’s in the highest quartile of phalates in pregnancy.

That kid doesn’t have a chance and that’s most little girls start nail polish when they’re five years old, right and that’s not the only source there are so many sorts. So you have to learn all of this to stop the exposures and hand. You have to learn. How do I detox? How do I get this stuff out of my body and you have to learn all this? Well, tell me what pill to take swell be better. There is no pill. And there’s a bunch of bozos out there that will sell you a pill and say that you’re going to detox and you’ll be fine and they make millions of dollars off of this stuff until the FDA shuts them down. And when they finally come at him with legal action, they just shut down the company and they go open a new company with a different name and do the same thing again, right? There’s lots of sharks out there doing this. So but we I’m sorry to be so harsh about this. I’m really sorry, but no, it’s good stuff. I just see so many people. Suffering and really trying to be well, but they don’t understand but nobody’s in my experience in my experience people have to be open to understanding this this is the challenge because I’ve had this these sorts of conversations with a lot of my loved ones and you know, they think I’m from outer space, right and and apparently they’ve got to be sick enough. Yeah, I’m not even sure I’ve got some that are sick and I’m not even sure that’s you know, they want to get the pill you know that it’s want the pill. Yeah, and then they Believe the doctors that say take the pill you’ll be fine. Yeah, so so so the question is Doctor.

Can you refer me to the study or studies that show that this is going to make me fine? Yeah. Well, well, there’s really no evidence that you’ll be fine. But it helps you feel better. Well, I don’t want to just feel better. I’m happy to do what it takes to feel better, but I want to get rid of this thing so I can live a long and vital and you know full of life. Life life, right? Yeah. So let’s go back.

Let’s go back to those pillars because I know we’ve talked about the genetics and we talked about the leaky gut, right? That’s two right. Right, right. There’s the genetic sorry. Yeah, there’s the genetics. Next is the Environmental triggers that activate your jeans and I’ve given you examples of that with phthalates and heavy metals but most most competent by the way environmental triggers are also what’s inside of you that your body is producing we call those stress hormones. Those are environmental triggers. So if you have too much stress, it’s just as deadly as eating Krispy Kremes an  go in terms of being healthy right now, and I don’t mean to Target. I’ve I’ve experienced I think Appearance that myself too and that explains things right? I’ve had so environmental triggers. Now the most common environmental trigger is what’s on the end of your fork. That’s the most common and people think people think if I don’t feel bad when I eat something it’s good for me. That’s just not true. You know, the ratio is 8 to 1 for every one person you get stomach or gut problems from eating something. There are eight people that Out they get brain symptoms or bladder symptoms or joint symptoms the next day and they never associate that their knee is really given problems when they wake up in the morning and it’s got to loosen up got to get in the shower and loosen all your joints are all stiff. They don’t associate what they ate yesterday is causing all that because their stomach didn’t act up on them. So the ratio is 8 to 1 for every one person that gets gut symptoms. They’re eight that don’t they give brain symptoms. Or ear aches or joints or skin or kidneys or bladder but you don’t feel when your bladders acting up until your urinary history or habits are altered. You don’t feel when you eat that food that it’s causing inflammation in your bladder that that’s your genetic vulnerability. And so when when you increase inflammation, it’s like pulling on a chain the chain always. Said the weakest link, it’s a one end the middle of the other end. It’s your heart your brain your liver your kidneys, wherever your genetic weak link is that’s where you’re going to feel it, but you don’t have feeling nerves in your bladder until he gets so bad. It just doesn’t function very well anymore. Then you notice the symptoms so that goes on for a long time. So that’s number two is the Environmental triggers.

Okay, so don’t think because you don’t feel bad when you eat a food, it’s good for you the way you find out if the foods good for you is not it. By doing the Zoomers because you zoom in on the problem. It’s a category of blood test of a new technology that came out for years ago Mayo Clinic calls it a new era in laboratory medicine. I guess it’s silicone chip technology. I called the 30 30 30 years ago. It took a 30 by 30 room floor to ceiling computers to generate the computing power of this phone. And if I told you 30 years ago that I’m going to hold this little black thing in my hand, you know, I’ve got a bunch of different pictures on it and I’m going to push on one picture and I can tell you that the air particulate matter right now in San Francisco is 34. That’s pretty darn good at the u.s. Embassy here in San Jose Puerto Rico. It’s 13. That’s really good. But in San Antonio Texas, it’s at 94. It’s a Red Zone. That’s really bad or Rinse Piazza Italy it’s also at 94. I mean I can pull this up in 5 seconds. If I told you that 30 years ago, you’d never believe me. You think I’ve been watching too much Star Trek, right and you just wouldn’t but that’s just not possible. We couldn’t imagine the same thing is true in laboratory medicine and people don’t know this but the blood test your doctors are doing were designed in 1990 2000. Maybe if you’re lucky 2005, it’s called a life. Testing it’s good testing, but it’s nowhere near the technology we have today. And so the most comprehensive tests are called the Zoomers.

There’s a wheat Zoomer corn Zoomer soy Sumer corn Zoomer that looks very thoroughly of do you have a problem with this food or not lectin Zoomers, so you can find out with a high degree of accuracy 97 to 100 percent according to Mayo Clinic 97 to a hundred percent accuracy. This is this test is going to give Give you accurate information. So you test to see what foods you are sensitive to that’s environmental triggers. That’s number two. Okay, number three and altered microbiome that the the environment of your gut is called the microbiome and it starts in the mouth with your oral microbiome, and it goes to the other end all the way through your microbots. Important is your microbiome in 1999. Dr. Michael Gerson and Princeton published his book the second brain and that was a game changer for many of us because we had never heard this stuff before but he told us and it’s been proven accurate for everyone message going from the brain going down telling the gut what to do. There are nine messages from the gut. But going up telling the brain what to do. The ratio is 9 to 1 and how does that happen the good bacteria in your gut have exhaust it’s called metabolites. It’s just exhaust. 37% of all of The small molecules in your bloodstream are the exhaust of the microbiome from your gut 37% what over one-third of everything in your bloodstream is the exhaust of the bacteria in your gut.

Why what what’s that about? 

The term is called modulates and it’s a geek word. That means has its hands on the steering wheel. So the microbiome of your gut has its hands on the steering wheel of how your body functions bottom line. That’s it 9 to 1 ratio in terms of telling the brain what to do. All right brain. I want this amount of brain hormones called neurotransmitters so that we can make more melatonin or it’s time to go to sleep now. So we need more melatonin or serotonin calm down calm down a little stress right now make more serotonin calm down. So your gut is sending All of those messages up to produce the balance of your brain hormones your brain chemistry now driving the steering wheel driving the car imagine you turn the steering wheel just 5 degrees to the right a hundred yards down the road. You’re off the road.

So when you’ve got an abnormal microbiome producing messages, there’s too many bad guys in there not enough of the good guys the messages in your Your bloodstream are too many altered messages and your brains going whoa. Whoa. Whoa, we call that anxiety depression bipolar schizophrenia. Just Googled depression and microbiome and look at all the studies that show the correlation when you fix the microbiome your depression calms down and you don’t need the antidepressants anymore for many people. You can bring balance back to your brain chemistry. So your microbiome is critical not just for your brain. I just use as example, right just just Google microbiome and cardiac function microbiome and kidney function microbiome and liver function that if there’s only one thing you’re going to do to be healthy only why I’ll do something but don’t overload me build a healthy diverse microbiome. Nothing is more important than that. Absolutely nothing. We’ll have more bang for your buck than building a healthy diverse microbiome. Take you a long time to do it take you a year six months to a year to do it. But every day you just lay down a bunt, you know, you keep going for base hits. You just stop going for a home runs. You know, that’s the American dream tell me what to take. So I’m going to feel like a million bucks and go out and conquer the world and it doesn’t work like that.

Right? Let’s it just doesn’t what’s number four. 

Number four is intestinal permeability. When you have an altered microbiome and you have an inflammatory microbiome you get this leaky gut we talked about at the beginning, right? What’s the leaky gut mrs. Patient if you take a doughnut and you stretch a donut out one big long donut, you look down the center of it. That’s your digestive tract. It’s a tube and when you swallow something it’s in the tube. It’s not in your body. It’s in the tube. And the proteins from the meat you eat or whatever it is. They’ve got to be broken down really small to get from the tube through the walls of the tube into the bloodstream and we don’t think about that. But that’s what’s got to happen that’s called digestion and then getting through the walls into the bloodstream is called absorption, right so think of protein like a pearl necklace hydrochloric acid in your stomach undoes the clasp of the pearl necklace now, you have a String of Pearls.

Is your enzymes act like scissors to snip snip snip snip snip the pearl necklace into smaller and smaller pieces clumps of the pearl necklace until you’re down to each Pearl that’s called an amino acid. And the inside of the tube is lined with cheesecloth and the amino acids are small enough to go right through the cheesecloth into the bloodstream, but the bigger clumps of the pearl necklace cannot get through. They’ve got to be snip snip snip Snip snip until they’re small enough to get through the cheesecloth. That’s why your intestines are 20 feet long because it takes a whole lot longer to digest prime rib than it does a banana. Yeah, right. So you need all that length. But what happens one example, I gave you was weed activating toll-like receptor 4 you get tears in the cheesecloth. We call that leaky gut and it’s transient until it’s not anymore. Now when it’s permanent now, you’ve got the leaky gut and these big molecules called macromolecules get through the tears in the cheesecloth into the bloodstream. That’s leaky gut when those tears in the cheesecloth get through into the bloodstream your immune system trying to protect you since whoa, what’s that? That’s not supplies that I can build new bone cells with or new brain cells. I better fight that big molecule that clump of whatever that is. Now you make antibodies to beef or to check in or did Tomatoes or to Basil or a raspberry? Doesn’t matter whatever the macromolecule was. They got through the tears in the cheesecloth. Now your body is going to try and protect you and fight it and when you make antibodies to these macromolecules, the special forces are looking for the orange vest of that food or whatever that sub bacteria, whatever it was and those orange vests look a whole lot like the tissue of your body. So just Google rheumatoid arthritis and klebsiella, and you see that the antibodies to Clem Ciela can attack the collagen of your joints you get rheumatoid arthritis or Google search.

No, that’s too geeky Google brain deterioration and gluten and you will see that the antibodies to gluten can attack your brain and you get brain dysfunction. It’s why? Twenty-six percent of every patient in our practice that we’ve ever tested that had antibodies to wheat meaning. They cross the line of Tolerance now, they got a problem with wheat 26 percent of those people also have antibodies to the cerebellum in their brain. 22% have antibodies to Milan the Saran wrap around your nerves. So that is why it’s so when you have elevated antibodies to your cerebellum, you can’t feel that you can’t feel that you’re killing off cerebellum cells every day 24/7 every day a few more a few more a few more. You can’t feel that until you’re in your 60s or 70s and then you try to dance down the stairs. You can’t you. You don’t have the balance because your cerebellum controls balance your cerebellum controls the direction to your muscles of where to put your weight. And that’s why you see as we age people are not graceful anymore on the planet. They don’t walk with Grace. They’re shuffling or is for many of them their cerebellums been atrophying for years because they had a sensitivity to wheat that was never identified and you’re killing off cerebellum killing off cerebellum killing off cerebellum same Truth your thyroid the same is true with any tissue in your body. So when these macromolecules get through the leaky gut into the bloodstream pillar number five is your immune system trying to protect you that creates this inflammation in your body to attack. Whatever these threats are. And that’s the mechanism behind all chronic inflammatory diseases all of them.

Thank you. That’s amazing. Thank you for explaining that I have sure our listeners are going to be really excited to understand why and how all of this stuff works because yeah, I don’t think it’s hard for people to understand how one thing can lead to so many different issues with people. Right? 

And I think that’s what causes people to not believe in it because it causes different like you said, whatever your genetic weakness is right and I certainly understand that from my own experience, but now To shift gears. Yeah, just leave listeners common. Yes, please one more comment on this.

I know that I sound fanatical when I say this, but all I do is real science every day, you know, I I’m not traveling now because of our current situation usually have I do about a hundred fifty thousand miles a year and I’m just at medical conferences teaching and teaching and teaching but now I’m doing interviews more often. So I’m just reading the science all the time and that’s why I was late here today. I’m sorry Ashley. I was a little late because I went down there. Rabbit hole about hidden sources of gluten and vitamins and I just downloaded seven six or seven papers on that. But when you look at this if you take the time, you know, and I recommend people take one hour a week, maybe one hour twice a week if you’ve got that but just start exposing yourself to some of this information. I’m telling you and you know, read my book my books. They both talked about this the most recent And book is you can fix your brain.

That’s the name of the book. It’s number one in seven categories on Amazon for brain function because it’s a really good book. But when you read this you say well this just kind of makes sense. You know, I don’t need to scientist understand that this makes sense. Totally third saying well, it seems rational to me. Okay, indoor air pollution is worse than outdoor air pollution.

Okay. I didn’t know that but you see some of the That I talked about and you can get the studies if you want, but we’ve built a couple of houses and in moving into those houses. My wife has been almost debilitated. Yeah exactly her affect her genetic weakness or whatever to those triggers. Yeah. Yeah Sherry very clear and apparent.

Yeah, it’s most likely that she has some genetic vulnerabilities in her detoxification capabilities. And that’s an easy test to do to find out is called a detox. Genomic test and if you got these vulnerabilities, if you’ve got these jeans that are vulnerable to not breaking down the chemicals were exposed to because no humans got the ability to break down these chemicals right not follow. So how viruses mold fungus and bacteria, that’s it. So how does cannabis and CBD come into this?  CBD activates the endocannabinoid receptors what the endocannabinoid receptors do and they’re throughout your body. What they do is they say, alright, let’s activate the genes for anti-inflammation. And they do a really good job of that and basically that’s a bottom line. That’s what it is C. So if you stop eating the stuff, that’s cause it with wheat number one. 

If you stop eating wheat and you begin to supplement your diet with CBD, then you should be reducing the inflammatory response, you know responders or whatever you want to call it. Right? And you’re also increasing then the CBD anti inflammatory response.  CBD for Inflammation. 

That’s correct and The danger and why I agreed, you know to do your show is that CBD doesn’t fix anything if you’re still if you’re still living the same lifestyle cause the problem right now, you’re likely to feel better, which is really great. But the inflammation can still be going on or the antibody certainly are still being made you’re killing off your brain or your killing off your thyroid or your killing off your joints, you know, wherever your genetic.  Durability is but you feel good right and not that your altered because CBD doesn’t alter but you just anti inflamed and so your joints are moving better, right?

So right I just want to make sure people understand that it’s CBD is a great tool a really great tool to activate more of the anti-inflammatory genes in your body. CBD is great for that. But you’ve got to stop throwing gasoline on the fire and or years 20 years down the road you’re your hippocampus your memory Center is gone and you’re going to be you know Blue Cross Blue Shield just came out this year with a document and if you can imagine they’re arguably the largest Health insurer in the world right and they are not a good Samaritan they’re a profit-driven company of course right and so they Jay just came out this year and they showed that the incidence of Alzheimer’s in between the 35 to 50 year olds between 2013 and 2017 so in four years the incidence of diagnosis of Alzheimer’s in 35 to 50 year olds went up four hundred and seven percent Four hundred percent not 10% increase not 34 hundred percent in three years. Wow at what’s happening. Now, there’s an epidemic occurring that people just aren’t putting any focus on whatsoever. How many of your friends talk about? Yeah. Not remember in the way. I used to you know that most people have that going on now to some degree and what’s happening, but and that’s an awful.

That’s an awful thing to witness my great-grandfather. Father passed that way and it’s went like that in terms of he couldn’t even remember my name, you know? Yeah, and I’m I’m telling you. It’s a he and the incidence of autism at the other end of life the early life and the kids are in charge off the charts and going up exponentially every year. It’s really bad right now. And so I’m suggesting to every patient that comes to us. There’s two tests. They do the wheat Zoomer because it not only is the most comprehensive. Of test for wheat sensitivity and all humans have a problem with this also test for leaky gut. It’s the most comprehensive test for leaky gut in the wheat Zoomer and then the neural Zoomer plus you do those two tests because the neural Zoomer plus looks at 48 different antibodies in your brain 48 and we haven’t had anyone come back normal on the neural Zoomer plus because everyone has inflammation in the brain. But they just don’t know it right. So when this thing comes back on a first test and it says you’ve got 16 markers in your brain of inflammation. Well this explains mrs. Patient why you’ve been noticing that your brings not quite firing on all eight cylinders the way it used to this is why you got a bunch of inflammation there and then the patient will why do I have the inflammation? Let’s figure that out.

Let’s look at what the environmental triggers are that are setting off the inflammation for some people. Cosmeticians are loaded with chemicals because they’re doing hairspray and you’re dying hair and you’ll their nail polish and their own chemicals all day every day. Then their bodies have been soaking it up and that’s their trigger for somebody else. It’s too much wheat for somebody else. It’s too much Dairy for somebody else. It’s the phalates, you know, you it’s going to take a while to identify where the environmental triggers are coming from. But the first thing you need is to be to get scared to Why’s that what and if you have a family history of dementia, absolutely Ashley, you should do this s and what you’ll has matter of fact, I’m going to call you out. I’m going to say listen, man. You’re a hell podcast and do the test right and and show people what your results are and say. All right. Now, I’m on a journey and we’re all going on this journey together to figure out what we do about this, right? So if you want, you know, you get a bunch of people to do this these tests with you. I’ll come on and I’ll talk about it with you. Once in a while, I’ll help you okay, or you find a health care practitioner to do it, you know individually who knows about these tests. We’re training doctors every week, you know, we’re doing webinars now and not on stage at this time. Hope to get back out there pretty soon, but we’re training doctors all the time and they had no clue about this technology silicone chip technology about the accuracy of these tests or about the frequency.

Of this head doctors don’t have a clue. So I guess what you’re saying because I you know, if I understand it, we all have the problem, right? So the ideal thing is just stopped eating wheat, you don’t need to get the test, but you’re saying hey, maybe get the test and that way you can confirm to yourself that you’re that this is a good lifestyle change to make well the that’s a good point. But the problem is there are so many hidden sources of wheat that people don’t know about as I mentioned today. I went down a rabbit hole on hidden gluten in bite. Engine companies are lying about it that you you can feel better, but you still may be throwing enough gasoline on the fire to trigger the auto immune mechanisms, wherever your genetic vulnerabilities are, but you you may get more energy when you go gluten-free or you might lose 15 pounds in a couple of months without trying when you go gluten-free. That’s a healthy thing. You know, people are packing that extra weight, but you need a starting point so that six months or a year later when you’re feeling Feeling pretty darn good but there’s still something a little out of balance. You do the test again, and you say oh look Benchmark. I still have two markers out of bounds. Why is that? Well, you’re getting you’re getting an exposure somewhere. We have to really meticulously and we’ve had people find out that you know, one gal, you know, she would do a candy a little mint every day that’s on the counter that the receptionist in the medical officer. Dr. Wu. And her secretary who receptionist had put these mints out every day. She’d have one a day or so and she found out that four months earlier. The receptionist had changed companies for the men’s and the new company had gluten in it. So she was getting low gluten every day and it took months and months and months before she realized say there’s something wrong. I better do that. We’d Zoomer again. And then she found out that she had a number of antibodies elevated then she did the Deep dive to fail. Okay. What Nothing in my world what’s going in my mouth? And she’s like, I don’t know even what are the honey or not? Honey? The receptionist? Where did these come from? Call the company? Oh, well, yeah, we’ve been using these for a number of months. We’ll wait a minute. We’ve been using those men’s for a couple of years. No, I changed it about four months ago. That was it. No, so you need the Benchmark to start with so you can monitor and make sure you’re thorough because all right.

Well, I’m going to check it out then that’s that’s

One more thing on that you can’t be a little pregnant. You can’t have a little Glutton all it takes and the science is very clear nanograms a billionth of a gram will activate toll-like receptor 4 in the proximal part of the small intestine a billionth of a gram. Holy definitely what so that one little stud little that one little bite. Yeah is trying to protect you from pathogenic bacteria that it could kill you. And so the more efficient your immune system is because the immune system mistakenly sees gluten as a harmful component of a microorganism. So it just just billionths of a gram is all it takes.

Dr. O’Bryan. Thank you so much for your time today.This has been absolutely fantastic. I’ve learned so much and I think our listeners have got a lot to think about here with regards to diet and how to how to make life changes and an understanding that CBD can be a piece of this, but it’s certainly not a Magic Bullet to cure everything that we’re talking about. It can be a tool to help 

No, I made this comment this offered to you and I’m I’ve just completed a study on LPS the exhaust of bad bacteria and we had a hundred and twenty some people who wanted to do a keto diet and lots of people, you know, there was a keto Summit and I said on the summit the only danger is if you’ve got LPS, you can’t do a keto diet because you’ll get worse right? And so a bunch of people said what the heck is that so we just completed a study on this it was 90 days.

Study and the results were jaw-dropping So if you get 25 people or more that want to do this and you can do the wheat Zoomer and the neural Zoomer plus then I will do webinars for you just for you guys about or if you want to make it, you know for everybody you can I guess but how to interpret the test. What do you do and then you recheck in 90 days or 120 days and what does it mean and watch what happens to your help? Awesome?

I’m going to take you up on that. I follow up with you in the next couple weeks great. Great. Thank you so much. Have a great weekend. And thanks again. Very informative. 

Thank you. Ashley. My pleasure be well.

Thank you for listening. Todays Show always brought to you by Magic ImmuneATea available at PackedWIthLife.com. a mushroom tea that tastes great. Try it Magic ImmuneATea at PackedWithLife.com.

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